Tradig / Swapping items

05.01.2012 12:03

We noticed that there are many people offering items for sale on Discogs who also are looking for other items in their wantlist. Practically it is hard so come to a satisfactory trade agreement with other Discogs members due to lots of communication effort and high postage expenses. So we decided to bundle trade requests here at eurecords. This is how it works:

[1] You send us your list with items for sale ( more than 300 items please as else there might not be enough request ) and optionally your wantlist.  Please send these to mentioning "Trade lists for seller ..... ". You can create these lists in the next way:

Marketplace Inventory: And click on "Export Data"

Wantlist: You can do that in the same screen, just change "Marketplace Inventory" in " Wantlist"

Wait a while on other screens and then go back to the first link. then you see the Completed status, and you then can download these files and send them to me. Please remind that the Marketplace Inventory also contains information about your Sold items. We will delete that data, but if you don't want us to have that information, please open the file with Excel, sort on Status and delete those Sold rows before sending it to us.

[2] We enrich that data with the open source downloaded XML data file from Discogs describing all releases with detail information and we add you listings to our database, so everybody sees it as well on our website. We give you a unique seller-id so you can always  see only your items if you want that. We also load your wantlist so you can do a selection on all data using another unique wantlist-id.

[3] Then you have to wait some time before items from your stock are requested by us to send to us. This might take quite some time, so please have patience with this. You send us the goods on your own expenses to us.

[4] After we received these items in good condition you can select a trade value from the website. Please notice that we ask you to pay the next two cash amounts to us for this service: All postage expenses which we make to you and 15% of the trade value to cover our effort, riscs and expenses. So when we request for 100 euros of goods from you, and the shipping costs for your selected items is 15 euros, you can choose 100 euros goods but you need to pay us Euro 15+15 = euro 30 by paypal for all expenses.

[5] It could take a while before we collected all your goods as some come from abroad, so please have some patience here as well.

That's all you need to do to join trading !